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Shopping In Alfreton

The majority of shops in Alfreton are based on the High Street or the pedestrian Institute Lane as shown on the map below. A smaller number of shops can also be found on New Street, King Street, Church Lane, Rogers Lane, Cressy Road and Masfield Road.

To the south of the town centre is a Tesco Superstore, this is only a five minute walk from the town centre which can easily be accessed by pedestrian crossings on Hall Street.

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The Market Hall

The entrance to the Market Hall is from the pedestrian area on Institute Lane - The market opens on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and has a range of traders including;

  • Butchers
  • Fishmongers
  • Cafe
  • Fruit & Veg
  • Shoe Repairs
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Computer Consumables
  • Cream Cakes
  • Greetings Cards
  • Clothing
  • Sweets
  • Music & Computer Games

Our Directory For Alfreton

Check out the High Street section of our directory to find shops around Alfreton

Group Name Local Other Total
Accessories & Costume Jewellery 1 2 3
Animal Feed And Pet Foods 2 6 8
Antique Dealers 1 1 2
Art And Craft Supplies 1 1 2
Bakers Shops 4 3 7
Barbers 2 1 3
Beauty Product Retailers 1 1
Beauty Salons 3 8 11
Beds & Bedding 2 1 3
Bespoke Clothing & Shoes 1 1
Book Retailers 1 2 3
Butchers 1 4 5
Card And Poster Shops 2 2
Carpet And Rug Retailers 3 4 7
Catalogue Shops 1 1
Charity Shop 2 3 5
Children And Babywear Retail 2 2
Clothing Retailers 5 7 12
Confectioners (Retail) 3 2 5
Convenience Stores 6 12 18
Delicatessens 2 2
Department Stores 1 1
Discount Centres 3 1 4
DIY & Hardware Shops 2 4 6
Drug Stores Outlets 2 2
Electrical Appliances (Sales) 1 3 4
Fabric Retailers 1 1
Fancy Dress Outlets 1 1 2
Farm Shops 2 2
Fishing And Angling Equipment 1 1
Fishmongers 1 1
Floorcoverings (Retail) 1 1
Florists 3 4 7
Food Retailers 2 2
Footwear Retailers 4 4
Frozen Food Retailers 2 2
Furniture Shop 5 4 9
Gift Shops 4 5 9
Greengrocer 1 1
Hairdressers (Unisex) 8 17 25
Health Food Retailers 1 1
Jewellers 1 1 2
Key Cutting 1 1
Kitchenware 4 4
Ladies Fashionwear (Retail) 1 1
Lingerie Retail 1 1
Manicurists & Nail Bars 2 2
Menswear Retail 1 3 4
Mobile Phone Suppliers 2 2
Model Shops 1 1
Nearly New Clothing & Shoes 2 2
Newsagents 3 6 9
Online Retail Store 2 2
Outdoor Clothing And Equipment 2 2
Pet Shops And Supplies 3 3 6
Petrol Service Stations 1 2 3
Photographic Equipment And Supplies 1 1
Post Offices 5 5
Shopping Centres 1 1
Sports Goods Retailers 2 3 5
Supermarkets 2 4 6
Tattoo Artists 1 1

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